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The team intended to check out the surface of the field to prepare for what they might face during the game.
"Right now the NFL and the Super Bowl are defying media gravity," Mark Lazarus, NBC Sports Group chairman, said Monday. With the buildup involving the league's two top teams and a controversy over the inflation of footballs in the Patriots' conference championship, the game may have set another record even without the compelling finish, he said.
Since the workouts are voluntary, Clemons is under no obligation to attend. The 12-year veteran skipped voluntary OTAs last year in Jacksonville and previously with Seattle.
Pryor played some wide receiver in high school before switching to quarterback. He's got a lot to learn in a short period, but Pryor said he's willing to put in the work.
Announcing there's a "real possibility" that McCoy won't play against the New York Giants on Sunday, Ryan revealed he briefly toyed with the idea of having Williams switch back to his more natural position of safety.
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Форум: ТСН " НАДЕЖДА" » Вода » Lebron James Shoes For Cheap [br]
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